Ex. 17:15 And Moses built an altar,
and called the name of it Jehovahnissi:

By Richard Lodwick

It would be well for you to read Exodus 17:1-16 to get a background for our verse. Two events happened here. First, the murmuring of Israel and the first event where Moses was told to strike the rock, and the second, where Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ hands while Joshua fought against Amalek. This was quite a battle! (Joshua is a type of Christ, by the way) Now, notice another altar with a special name. The name means “Jehovah is my Banner.”

Banners were very important in that day, especially in battle. M. Henry says, The presence and power of Jehovah were the banner under which they enlisted; by which they were animated and kept together, and therefore which they erected in the day of their triumph. In the name of our God we must always lift up Bethelour banners… It is fit that he who does all the work should have all the praise. I wonder if we take as seriously and reverently God’s provision and given victory in our lives, so that we would do Him honor and praise as He deserves? Take a moment and read Ps. 20:5 & 22:3.

Ex. 17 was a very powerful display by God… through Joshua… deserving of something out of His people. Israel, as we all know, was forever dissatisfied and greedy in the face of all that God did for them. What an example! They were always wanting the next big thing, while taking for granted the most recent, or those of the past!

Altars, are for a sacrifice… to the True and Living God. Ponder Heb. 13:15 again hare. Did you catch where that altar, if you will, is to be? Our lips. AND, notice, in Ex. 17:15, IT was for praise… and… it was immediate! That speaks volumes! But, we need to note that altars were not just for the present, tho they should be immediate. They were for remembrance later on. Remember Gen. 35:1??? Up (back) to Bethel. Remember, Too, that one was in the middle of a heathen people, BEFORE it was given to them in Exodus! Now, look at Jer. 2:32, 13:25, 18:15, then Ps. 22:22-25.

In closing, we have not listed a lot of scriptures. The ones we have are of themselves powerful enough. I hope and pray that I am not like Israel, always looking for the next big thing. May we all praise Him more… everywhere. Think a moment about the Muslims here. O, how they praise their false, child molesting, dead god! Now, who is in Mohammed’s grave? Think about how many times a day they pray and how they praise him aloud. How about us, Christian? And, how about the fact that altars are for remembrance? Do we? Let’s take this scripture to heart and amend our ways. Start lifting up the Name of OUR God, the True and Living God, and Jesus Christ, His Son! Salvation deserves an altar of remembrance & praise! One last scripture… Ps. 18:49. How appropriate!

All CBBI Mini-series are authored by Richard Lodwick.