Ex. 24:4 And Moses wrote all the words of the LORD, and rose up early in the morning, and builded an altar under the hill, and twelve pillars, according to the twelve tribes of Israel.

By: Richard Lodwick

Here we have another verse that has multiple lessons in it. Read 24:1-8. for context. Note that Moses built an altar early in the morning. Note that here there is a book involved, along with the altar and the blood. (See also Ex. 17:14.) Here it is on the heels of Ch. 19-23, where God spoke many things to Moses, for Israel, and Moses wrote them down.

Moses never let things of the Lord become routine or ordinary. Here he builded an altar, and sacrificed before he read the “book” to the people. I want you here to read Heb. 9:1, 18-23. What was the book called in Ex. 27:7? I want us to see that God has not left us without His holy word(s), that they were written down for all to have and refer to, and they are to Bethelbe seen as a holy, special thing. They were a covenant, or testament, from God. Man is not left to figure God out on his own nor is he left to his own devices as to how to approach God, live as God prescribes, or live with other men. Laws, covenant, testament, book, blood, altars. Apart from God, and His Word(s), man will come to a complete disaster.. every time. Look at where we are right now! And, I might add, handling the Word of God loosely will ALWAYS result in a terrible downfall. Always! (See Is. 45:19 & 48:16, with Romans 1) Remember what always happened to Israel when they did such things? (See Jer. 7:23-24 for one)

Moses considered the reading of God’s Words, AND what they said… a very holy thing. I wonder if we still do? I wonder if we know or realize what it took to get us what we have today, in our AV1611, King James Bible? (Add Ps. 12:6-7 here).

Now, a covenant is a testament. The first covenant/testament (Exodus), was about how to live before God, and with man, and how to approach God, so that He would bless and they would be right with and before Him! It was about obedience to all of this, as God specified, not man! And it was always… not without blood (Heb. 9:18). And that blood had to be shed, again, by an innocent being, and it had to be on…. an altar.

What I want us to see, is that there is a whole lot to an altar, in God’s specifications and eyes! In this day and age of so many distractions and detours… things that draw us away into pursuits of leisure, pleasure, and treasure, we must not forget to have an altar, dedicated to God. Ours does not have animal blood nor is it perhaps a physical, stone edifice, but we should have one… in a place, and I believe it should have the Book involved, else we will get things out of order! We will get to the blood of ours in a bit, but I’ll say here, there is blood involved with ours, too!