Lev. 1:5 And he shall kill the bullock before the LORD: and the priests, Aaron’s sons, shall bring the blood, and sprinkle the blood round about upon the altar that is by the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

By Richard Lodwick

As we embark on these last studies on altars, let us step back and remember in Amos, how far the sacrifices on these altars fell. We are no different. May we keep ours holy and separate from anything of this world! And, lest we forget, all these we are looking at in the O.T. pointed forward to the cross. If we get that, I believe we will see many things differently.

Now, if one were to walk into the outer court of the Tabernacle, the first thing they would run into would be…. the altar of burnt sacrifices. That item being first teaches a deep truth! NO approach to God even at the first, without a proper offering of an innocent sacrifice of blood on… the altar! Look at the diagram of the tabernacle on the back! Do you see that?

Go back a moment to Lev. 17:11. It’s critical to remember this verse. Go back even farther to Gen. 2:17. Now Ro. 3:23 & 6:23A. Nothing has changed! God had HIS specified way to use Bethelan altar, in order to atone for sin… and it MUST be atoned for properly. I will say it again, it is not man who specifies how to approach God OR how to atone for his sin. GOD is God, not man. GOD makes the law about such things, not man.

Now, I want to see the “priests.” They are God specified and they were the ones to handle the blood, of the sacrifice, on the altar. They were the ones to bring the sacrifice & blood before God. This is going to get somewhere, so stay with me. (See 1Chr. 6:49 & 2Chr. 29:23-24 also).

There was GREAT specificity and detail in all of this. It was NEVER an ordinary, hap hazard, Oh by the way, ordinary thing, to approach or handle things of the altar! Even the dress of the priests was specific! God saw the altar as very holy and to be kept with the utmost care and reverence! It was a place of great power, holiness, and significance!

Now, go to Lev. 10:1-2. Here we see just HOW holy God sees such things as those which pertained to His altars. But there is something else that we need to see, that pertains directly to us! There was an altar of incense (see Ex. 30:1-9). NOW read Ps. 141:2. Hold on now… go to Rev. 5:8 & 8:1-5. (Note, there’s a book involved again… in Heaven!) SEE… OUR PRAYERS, offered at OUR ALTAR, as THE BOOK SPECIFIES! See your prayers and altar differently? Now, that fire, that burned the incense, in the Old Testament, HAD to come from a God approved altar (see Lev. 16:12)- OR it was unacceptable! Still does! Our prayers, are incense, before God! The ONLY thing that makes them acceptable is JESUS blood, and JESUS sacrifice, on HIS altar, the cross! It is a very holy thing to approach God or come before Him. But that which comes the right way is holy!