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by Pastor Mike Workman

What is baptism and is it important in the life of a Christian? Many well meaning, yet misinformed Christians will say that baptism is no longer required by God nor is it necessary for a victorious christian walk. On the other hand, some religious groups say that it is absolutely needed for salvation or for […]

Are You A Reasonable Person?

by Pastor Mike Workman

How many times have you heard or have told someone, “Be reasonable!”?… That’s a reasonable request, isn’t it? The dictionary defines Reason as – “sound judgment; good sense. to think or argue in a logical manner.” My, Oh my, do we ever need that these days. Many arguments and wars have been started and fueled by unreasonable expectations and/or misunderstandings.  Often, demands can not be met because […]


by Pastor Mike Workman

Been thinking about unity – “the state of being in full agreement” (Merriam-Webster). It appears that most people want to get along with the exception of some factional groups. Peace is another word or the byproduct of unity. On a global scale we see and hear from the media moguls of all the disharmony, disagreement […]

What text made salvation plain to Charles Spurgeon

by Pastor Mike Workman

What text made salvation plain to Charles Spurgeon? In the book, Life and Works of Spurgeon, published in 1890, Mr. Spurgeon gives the following account of his conversion. I will tell you how I myself was brought to the knowledge of the truth.  It may happen the telling of that will bring someone else to […]

Where Does God Live?

by Pastor Mike Workman

Doesn’t God live In Heaven? Yes and no. When we were children, we are told that God is in heaven. The Bible gives us many passages to verify that to be true.  God called to Hagar out of heaven – Gen 21:17 Abraham acknowledged the LORD God was of heaven – Gen 24:7 Jacob dreamed […]